‘Mulan’ Live Action Trailer: Teaser Was Just Released And It’s Breathtaking

She’s a girl worth fighting for, indeed!

The trailer for the live action version of Mulan was just released and it looks incredible. It starts off with the main character, played by Yifei Liu, riding to her home on a horse. It then cuts to her mother telling her that she has good news- the matchmaker found someone for her daughter.

Mulan doesn’t look happy about this, but her father tells her that it’s been decided. Little do they know that Mulan is way ahead of their time and doesn’t need a matchmaker to fulfill her destiny.

Still, our favorite Chinese warrior tells them that she will bring honor to the family.

The trailer moves into a number of amazing moments with Mulan in full-blown makeup and showing some bad-ass karate moves. There are also moments of her epic battles when she’s fighting in the wilderness to bring true honor to her family.

Check it out below.

So far, the movie looks great although reports are saying there won’t be any signing nor any Mushu. That’s going to be strange since Mushu is all about comic relief and the music adds in the beautiful artistic elements. But can the film work without this? It could, but fans are going to spend a lot of time comparing to the original. Without any comparisons, it looks great, but only time will tell how it does in the long run.

Mulan hits theaters on March 27, 2020.