Bella Hadid, The Weeknd Split: Exes Might Get Back Together, ‘True Feelings’ Still Lingering?

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It just wasn’t meant to be for Bella Hadid and The Weeknd…or so it seems. The two have called it quits for the second time, but is there a chance they might rekindle their romance in their future? Hadid’s friends seem to think so.

On Sunday, Hollywood Life reported that the model and singer may try to work things out in the long run. Apparently, it was just their work and scheduling that drove them apart. But is that enough to keep them at a distance? It sounds like Hadid’s loved ones still see a spark in there somewhere.

“Bella’s family and friends are not convinced they’ve seen the end of her relationship with Abel,” a source told the site. “At this point only time will tell to see where their relationship is going because they truly believe she still loves him.”

For anyone who’s rooting for these two, you never know. Life is full of wonder and these two may fall back in love before we know it.

“Those closest to Bella know that deep down there are still true feelings there and those feelings don’t just go away overnight,” the source said. “They have broken up before and it was simply due to scheduling conflicts because she’s busy, focused on her career and she’s always on the go. So only time will tell, but there’s definitely a possibility things will work themselves out at some point.”

It might be a dream come true for fans to see these two stars work it out. But they’ve got some busy lives and promising careers ahead of them so if their relationship doesn’t work out for those reasons, then maybe so be it.

Also, Bella is 22. The Weeknd is 29. They have the rest of their lives ahead of them so all they should do is focus on themselves and move forward.

Hilary Duff Reveals Her Greatest Superpower And What It Was Like as a Young Mom [PHOTOS]

Hilary Duff may be one of the most relatable celebrities in Hollywood. She opened up on what it’s like to be a parent as well as her biggest strength since having two children.

The actress is a mom to her son, Luca, 7, and her daughter, Banks, eight months. And on Thursday, she opened up to the podcast Motherly on what it was like to be a parent at 24. She also talked about how her son felt when Banks was born as well as how her boyfriend Matthew Koma refers to her as “Superwoman.”

“I think it’s because your brain is making categories and then putting them in levels of importance- even though it’s all important- and it’s like, ‘packing the snack and the water bottle, and making sure the homework’s in the thing and going over the words for the test in the car while you’re also going over the song that they have to perform in a month and you’ve packed the diaper bag and you have the baby.’ It’s like the constant juggle of everything. And then on top of it trying to make it fun and enjoy the process.”

Every parent has gone through the hardships and levels of importance, and Hilary is right there with all of you. It’s difficult and tiring, but the science of the mind will help you process it all.

Duff had her first child at a fairly young age, which she admitted was pretty frightening. Even though she didn’t feel ready, she knew it was something she always wanted to do.

“I always knew I wanted to be a mom and I always knew that was going to be my number one priority in life,” she said. “So I felt ready on some fronts and a little scared on others.”

Duff also mentioned that Luca cried when she told him she was pregnant with his little sister. But once she was born, he was so excited and so careful. He even left the room to cough.

Given her Instagram page, she seems to can’t get enough of being a mom.

Liam Payne Instagram: Singer Poses Nude, Check Out What He’s Packing [PHOTO]

Liam Payne is showing ass, and ladies (and especially gents) are swooning.

On Wednesday, the former One Direction member took to Instagram to post a black and white image of himself as he sits on a chair with his butt exposed. He looks back at the camera with his handsome eyes looking like the hottie we all know him to be.

And with an absence of clothing, fans can see the man’s ripped muscles and tattoos.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the Internet to get turned on by the photo. Fans left comments that say, “I couldn’t resist to zoom” and “Please tell me there are more of these.”

In fact, actor Colton Haynes left a comment on how much he enjoyed what he just saw.

This photo is also familiar to another that Payne posted before of Kate Moss in the same pose.

Anyone else agree that Payne should be taking more photos like this one?

In the meantime, see some other photos of Payne in all his sexy glory.

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‘Scream’ VH1 Recap: What Just Happened And What’s Coming Next?

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The slasher franchise returns again- this time with some sass!

Scream on VH1 takes on the story of high school football athlete Deion (played by RJ Cyler) who comes face to face with a psychopathic murderer after dealing with unresolved conflicts from his past. Sound familiar? Sydney Prescott had a similar storyline.

When Deion was a child, he was spending Halloween night with his twin brother, Marcus, who was dressed up like Ghostface, himself. The two then went into a junkyard filled with cars where they got attacked by a man who later turns out to be a veteran played by Tony Todd- someone who is also familiar as Candyman.

Isn’t it fun when a horror movie icon makes a cameo in a reboot?

Now Deion is a teenager and is still coming to terms with what happened to him as a child. He has new friends and a new life- and a new attacker. There’s a killer out there planning to off Deion and his crew (Giullian Yao Gioiello, Keke Palmer, Tyler Posey, Jessica Sula, Christopher Jordan Wallace and Giorgia Whigham). With their own battles to deal with and different personalities (becoming the Deadfest Club), by the end of the first episode, they all realize they could be next on Ghostface’s list.

So what’s next?

Heads-up! Spoiler Alert!

After previewing an exclusive sneak peek at the next episode, there are some moments that will go down in Scream history. Remember Shane’s (Posey) horrible demise? He wasn’t the most likable dude, but what a horrible way to go! Trapped by a ladder, then a syringe in his eye followed by foam spitting was pretty…awful.

But guess what? That’s not the most violent moment so far.

There will be more coming. And not only is it bloody, but it’s filled with gripping tragedy so audiences can be on the lookout for heart stomping moments.

So far, we already have a theory that Marcus is the killer given that Liv (Sula) just told Deion that his twin brother is likely still alive- after all, he was only declared missing.

With several more episodes along the way, there will definitely be some twists and turns we didn’t see coming. And with Episode 3 viewed in advance, there are still plenty of questions to be asked…but not before the horror fans get some extra chills and thrills!

Ireland Baldwin News: Model Takes It Off on 4th of July, See Her Stunning PHOTOS

It was a hot 4th of July when Ireland Baldwin celebrated in Los Angeles.

On Friday, Daily Mail posted photos of the model as she attended a party with her boyfriend, Corey Harper. The two looked like they were having a great day as Baldwin wore a green bikini top with denim shorts. She added on a pair of cowgirl boots and pulled her hair back looking like the stunner she always is.

Baldwin also posted a photo on Instagram of herself celebrating the big day as she chugs down a drink while on her knees.

As the daughter of two big stars, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Ireland told Genlux Magazine back in 2015 that she always knew her parents were famous.

“I was pretty well aware of their celebrity from the jump,” she said. “The day I was born, my dad got arrested because he sprayed a photographer’s windshield. True story: I was about 10 and sitting with my friend and we watched 9 1/2 Weeks. And I saw my mother in 8 Mile when I was young. I always looked at it as art. I knew from a very early age that they were famous.”

Having famous parents had some disadvantages particularly with their ugly split.

“I was living in New York and my mom moved me back to L.A. My dad stayed in New York,” Ireland said. “My parents had a long custody battle over me. It was a bloody divorce. I don’t believe any child should have to speak to lawyers and deal with that.”

‘Mulan’ Live Action Trailer: Teaser Was Just Released And It’s Breathtaking

She’s a girl worth fighting for, indeed!

The trailer for the live action version of Mulan was just released and it looks incredible. It starts off with the main character, played by Yifei Liu, riding to her home on a horse. It then cuts to her mother telling her that she has good news- the matchmaker found someone for her daughter.

Mulan doesn’t look happy about this, but her father tells her that it’s been decided. Little do they know that Mulan is way ahead of their time and doesn’t need a matchmaker to fulfill her destiny.

Still, our favorite Chinese warrior tells them that she will bring honor to the family.

The trailer moves into a number of amazing moments with Mulan in full-blown makeup and showing some bad-ass karate moves. There are also moments of her epic battles when she’s fighting in the wilderness to bring true honor to her family.

Check it out below.

So far, the movie looks great although reports are saying there won’t be any signing nor any Mushu. That’s going to be strange since Mushu is all about comic relief and the music adds in the beautiful artistic elements. But can the film work without this? It could, but fans are going to spend a lot of time comparing to the original. Without any comparisons, it looks great, but only time will tell how it does in the long run.

Mulan hits theaters on March 27, 2020.

Paris Hilton 2019: Starlet Looks as Hot as Always on 4th of July, Working on New Single

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No matter where Paris goes, beauty always follows.

The celeb took to her Instagram page on the 4th of July to post how she’s celebrating the big holiday. She started with an image of herself in black attire as she leans down in front of the American flag. As she looks at the camera with her dreamy eyes, her blonde ‘do is just as gorgeous as ever as the sparks light up behind her.

She added another image of herself as she sits by a pool. With more sparkles lighting up the background, she let her fans know that she’s in Ibiza shooting her new single “Lone Wolves.”

Paris didn’t stop there! She added another picture with angel wings added to her pose, looking like a true icon. She captioned the image, “Love the villa I’m staying at in #Ibiza. Dolce Vita is the perfect place to relax, have fun & look hot in a music video. Available on”

Last month, Paris spoke to Byrdie about her standards of beauty and how she looked up to her grandmother who was a glamour to her.

“I think, as a little girl, watching her had me fascinated with beauty, makeup and glamour,” she said. “My parents were really strict when I was a teenager, I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup. The first time I even applied eyeliner was at Nicole Richie’s house. She said she knew this great trick-she took a liner from her mom’s closet and applied mascara and a cat eye. After that day, my life changed.”

Dean McDermott Follows Up On Instagram Reveal And Being There For His Family

Dean McDermott

Dean McDermott recently shared on social media that he’s been battling pneumonia and right now his focus is on his health- as well as not letting any haters get to him or his loved ones.

On Tuesday, Hollywood Life shared an interview with the actor who mentioned that even though his fans have been supportive, he’s had his share of Internet trolls in the past. He said he’s come “a long way” with those bullies and will do everything to be there for his children.

“I’m really open with all my kids,” he said. “And, you know, you try to protect them as much as you can.”

The way McDermott helps his kids with trolls is by telling them that any nasty comment that gets posted has nothing to do with the kids, but everything to do with the ones who are posting.

“My son did read something about himself and it really hurt him,” the actor said. “And I told him, ‘You’re not those things that these people are saying. You have to consider what type of person it takes to take time out of their day to get on the phone, to go into their account, to find me or to find whoever they’re going to hate on and write something nasty- not just about them, but about their child. Think of how sad, and hurt, and lonely that person is. So, let’s send them some love.'”

This news came up after McDermott posted on Instagram that with his battle, he just wants to be reunited with his kids and wife, Tori Spelling.


Andy Cohen Baby: TV Personality Explains How He Balances Fatherhood with Work

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TV fans were ecstatic to learn that Andy Cohen became a dad to his first baby, Benjamin. As a single father, life is busy, but the Watch What Happens Live host revealed how he organizes his time.

On Tuesday, Hollywood Life posted an interview with Cohen who said that being a dad is “heartwarming.”

Since his five-month-old goes to bed at a certain hour, the TV star is able to work it out with his work schedule.

“The funny thing is, I leave for the show between 9:00 and 9:30 every night, so that’s great. He goes to bed at 8:30,” he said. “But the other thing is I’m a single parent so I want to spend as much time as I can with him. The cool thing is, I’m really in and out all day with my job. So I’ll go to the radio sometimes in the morning for two hours, come home, get to put him down for his nap. He goes to bed, I’ll leave. He wakes up, I’m with him for two more hours and then we put him down, go to work. So it’s like I’m kind of here and there throughout the day, which is nice consistency.”

Cohen also said that he would “love to” have more children. And even though Benjamin is less than a year old, he’s growing quickly.

“He’s really looking at things differently,” Cohen said. “He’s looking at pictures in books, paying attention, grabbing a lot more, grabbing my nose a lot.”

Aww, well, who wouldn’t want to grab Andy Cohen’s nose??

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard 2019: Did James Franco Play a Role in Rumored Domestic Dispute?

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When celebrity drama happens, it’s always a little juicier when another celebrity is involved.

In a video obtained from The Blast on Tuesday, there is some footage that seemingly shows Amber Heard and James Franco in an elevator together just 24 hours after Heard allegedly had a fight with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

In the video, the woman who is supposed to be Heard, can be seen walking into the elevator and going to the main floor. She gets out and then walks back in with someone who sure looks a lot like Franco- at least from the back.

As they go upwards, Franco rests his head towards Amber as she rests on him and looks pretty comfortable- again, just from watching the back.

It’s likely that Franco was just being a good friend to Heard since, after all, she apparently just had something horrible happen with her husband. But did Heard and Franco have a secret relationship that no one else knew about?

Well, at this point, it’s hard to say what Franco could be thinking since he’s going to be a witness in Depp’s defamation case against Heard, according to Canoe. Even though the video was from May 2016, Depp’s legal team is going to question what went down (kind of literally) in that elevator. Some of the questions will likely include if Heard told him about the fight and if he saw any bruises when he was with her.

Whatever goes down, it doesn’t look like anything kind-hearted will come out of this case. It’s set for February 2020 and who knows what else we’ll discover along the way.