Ashley Darby Baby: ‘RHOP’ Having Doubts Over Getting Pregnant Again? [VIDEO]

Ashley Darby just gave birth to her baby boy, Dean, one month ago, but is she thinking about having more children? The Real Housewives of Potomac star sounds a little hesitant about it.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Darby talked about her feelings of trying to make another baby. She and her husband, Michael, have had trouble conceiving in the past so there could be more difficulties in the future. As much as she would like to give little Dean a sibling, the new mom is approaching with serious caution.

“I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t [scared], I’m trying to be present and in the moment and to savor all the things, the little smiles and everything like that,” Darby said. “But at the same time, of course I’m thinking about a sibling for him and you know, what that would look like. So it definitely scares me a little bit. Certainly, even with Dean, I was very nuts. I found myself just not completely able to really enjoy being pregnant for the first couple of months because I was just so scared that a rug was going to be ripped out from underneath me. And yeah, it was just really hard to emotionally invest myself the way that I wanted to, out of fear.”

As far as being a mom now, Darby said she’s loving every minute of it.

“I actually, I really love it. And it’s everything that I thought it would be and more,” she said.

Khloe Kardashian, French Montana Break Up: Rapper Gives Details On Former Romance, Any “Bad Blood?” [VIDEO]

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The Kardashians remain a huge hit when it comes to the guys who date and one in particular some of us remember is when Khloe dated French Montana after her rocky split from Lamar Odom.

In an interview with Haute Living, Montana mentioned what it was like when he dated the Kardashian sister. Rumor had it that Khloe only dated him to help her get through her divorce, but the rapper said that he and Khloe had a wonderful relationship.

“Me and Khloe are always going to be friends, and the family still remains close,” Montana said. “I feel like we had a real dope relationship―there was no bad blood, nobody did something to somebody that we couldn’t come back from.”

“The love was real,” the rapper added. “When the love was like that, it’s going to be like that. Friendship after a relationship is something that’s real hard to do, and I’m glad we’ve been able to do it.”

From here on out, Montana said he’s going to live his life the way he wants to and that is by being happy. Sounds like a good plan. He is also choosing to be around people he has real love for.

“If you know somebody for 10 years and call them a friend, then you mean it unless you’re a real opportunist who has no f—ing soul; real recognizes real.”

Khloe was in a relationship with Tristan Thompson. They are parents to daughter, True Thompson, 1.

Dove Cameron Tells Haters to ‘F-ck Right Off’ After Showing Nipples On Instagram [VIDEO]

Dove Cameron really is all about showing “what a girl is.”

The singer took to her Instagram page on Wednesday to share a selfie in front of a mirror with her nipples exposed behind her shirt. She captioned the photo with a strong message about loving yourself as a woman.

“In such times as these, women are able to look at themselves with new concepts of value and brilliance. However you inhabit and express being Woman, embrace yourself in that way today!” Cameron wrote.

That’s right! It’s “all about what’s inside,” just like her song!

A number of followers loved the photo and her caption, including one who wrote, “Feeling empowered w/ no bra on rn bc of this.”

Cameron responded in a way that makes us incredibly proud that she went from child star to strong young woman.

“Take ur f–king bra off if you want,” she replied. “Don’t hide your natural body. People are weird. Just because it’s the ‘the norm’ now to be ashamed of nipples or your period doesn’t mean they are actually bad or embarrassing??? Women’s bodies are the literal coolest. Anyone who tells you to hide it slut-shames you or puts you down because of your gender can f–k RIGHT off. And I would say we should sit and explain it to them, but really, who has the time? Enjoy your life and empower others.”

You tell them, Dove! Be the inspiring new star that the world needs today.

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Might Work Things Out, Do They Want it to?

The news spilled last week that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were calling it quits after less than a year of marriage. But is there a chance that they might reconcile?

On Thursday, E! News reported that Cyrus is feeling “sad and disappointed” about the split. And it sounds like she may want to work it out with Hemsworth.

“Miley has not been talking to an attorney or thinking about divorce,” a source told the site. “She wanted the marriage to work and is still willing to give it time. But going through this in the public eye has made things a lot messier and a lot more difficult. She doesn’t really know what to do or what will happen next.”

Apparently, things had been awry for a while, but Hemsworth wasn’t ready to come forward about it yet. Given the situation, it sounds like this is a lot for him to take.

“They were just taking a break, but now it is much more of a serious split,” a source said. “They were in a rough spot and their lifestyles were not aligning. But he had hope they would find a way to reconnect and hadn’t given up. This whole thing has taken things to a new level and really upset him. He was blindsided and extremely hurt by the allegations against him in the press. He had no idea any of this was coming.”

In actuality, if they are going their separate ways after only eight months of marriage, it’s probably for the best that they just move on. Obviously, it’s their life, but a short amount of time like this doesn’t exactly call for a better chance next time.

Bella Hadid, The Weeknd Split: Exes Might Get Back Together, ‘True Feelings’ Still Lingering?

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It just wasn’t meant to be for Bella Hadid and The Weeknd…or so it seems. The two have called it quits for the second time, but is there a chance they might rekindle their romance in their future? Hadid’s friends seem to think so.

On Sunday, Hollywood Life reported that the model and singer may try to work things out in the long run. Apparently, it was just their work and scheduling that drove them apart. But is that enough to keep them at a distance? It sounds like Hadid’s loved ones still see a spark in there somewhere.

“Bella’s family and friends are not convinced they’ve seen the end of her relationship with Abel,” a source told the site. “At this point only time will tell to see where their relationship is going because they truly believe she still loves him.”

For anyone who’s rooting for these two, you never know. Life is full of wonder and these two may fall back in love before we know it.

“Those closest to Bella know that deep down there are still true feelings there and those feelings don’t just go away overnight,” the source said. “They have broken up before and it was simply due to scheduling conflicts because she’s busy, focused on her career and she’s always on the go. So only time will tell, but there’s definitely a possibility things will work themselves out at some point.”

It might be a dream come true for fans to see these two stars work it out. But they’ve got some busy lives and promising careers ahead of them so if their relationship doesn’t work out for those reasons, then maybe so be it.

Also, Bella is 22. The Weeknd is 29. They have the rest of their lives ahead of them so all they should do is focus on themselves and move forward.

‘Gossip Girl’ Reunion: Chace Crawford Teases Possibility for Upper East Siders Coming Back

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There’s been speculation about a Gossip Girl reunion for years. Will it ever happen?

On Monday, E! News posted an interview with Chace Crawford who was known as one of the show’s most prominent characters- in the sense that you either loved him or hated him. Let’s be real, Nate Archibald was boring.

Crawford is now playing a superhero in the new Amazon Prime series The Boys, which sounds like a giant leap for the actor ever since he left the Upper East Side.

“We’re kinda flipping it on its head, and these superheroes are essentially the bad guys and doing all these corrupt things,” Crawford said. “I think that it’s fun, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s not like these altruistic superheroes trying to save the world. You kinda watch the show and you’re like, what is going on?”

As far as making an appearance in a Gossip Girl reunion, it could happen. But let’s just hope it happens soon since all those kids are growing up and moving on.

“I always say I’d be open to it. I’m definitely a little bit more excited about this show right now but I would love to see everyone again, and if they could somehow figure out a away to make it work, I would love to do it,” Crawford said. “But we’re getting old now, we’re getting up there.” 

Ireland Baldwin Instagram: Model Bares Cleavage In Revealing Corset, Check Out the Sexy PHOTO

Ireland Baldwin is pure hotness in her latest Instagram pic.

On Tuesday, the model took to her social media page to post a sultry new image in her exotic corset. She looks at the camera with her piercing eyes and smokey eyeshadow as her chest is exposed for all those leering eyes.

With those full lips, wave locks and detailed tattoos, it really is no wonder that this girl is a hit online.

It also helps that Baldwin is feeling like one of the most unique and iconic characters in film.

“Corsets make me feel like Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley in Pirates [of the Caribbean]),” the caption says. “But more if like…she got a job at Hooters or something.”

Check out the photo here.

Baldwin is always about looking good for the camera and body positivity. Earlier this month, she posted a topless picture with encouraging comments about loving every inch of yourself.

“yoooo!!! love your body. respect your body. stop spending your money on juul pods,” Baldwin wrote in the caption. “spend it on vitamins and veggies. get your titties checked. get active. get vitamin d. breathe fresh air. be happy. laugh it all off. spend your remaining time on this earth with people who love you and make you feel good and if you don’t have many of those people, get out and go look for them. some of y’all are taking this whole life thing so damn seriously… and it’s so not worth it.