Camila Cabello Posts ‘First Internet Nude’ On Instagram [PHOTO]

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet : News Photo

Camila Cabello is baring it all on Instagram- but not in the way you’re probably thinking. *wink wink*

When Camila says she’s posting a nude pic, your first thought might be she’s getting R-rated. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. It’s “literally” her first nude- from the time she was born.

The singer posted a baby pic on her Instagram where little Camila is laying down looking like the sweetest baby ever. She lays back with a blue towel wrapped around her as she looks into the camera with her sparkling eyes.

Cabello captioned the pic, “I’m 23 in a few hours so I’m posting my first internet nude.”

Clever, Camila.

Last November, Camila spoke to “Rolling Stone” where she gave some fun facts about herself, including her favorite fictional couples. One of them was Noah and Allie from “The Notebook” and another is Rapunzel and Eugene from “Tangled.”

“I was going to say Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big [from ‘Sex and the City’], but I feel that their relationship is a bit toxic,” she said. “But I still love them in their early days.”

Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra Make The Perfect Cowboy Couple [PHOTOS]

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have made all your ‘ridin’ through the West’ dreams come true. The couple posted new Instagram photos that show them riding horses as they wear cowboy hats and enjoy a cold day.

The two are dressed in warm clothes as Nick rides a white horse and Priyanka rides a brown horse. Nick captioned his photos, “Sunday” while Priyanka captioned hers, “Magic.”

The couple even hold hands in one photo, making us swoon and green with envy.

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Magic ❤️

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on

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Sunday. ❤️

A post shared by Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) on

It was just one day earlier that Nick took to Instagram to post some sweet photos of himself with his wife as they hold hands.

It’s like a fairy tale come to life with these two. Can they stay happy forever please?

‘Desperate Housewives’ Drama Went From ‘Bad to Worse’ According to Series Creator Marc Cherry Amid Felicity Huffman Drama [VIDEO]

It sounds like the drama on Wisteria Lane really did occur behind the scenes.

Marc Cherry, who created the ABC series Desperate Housewives, wrote a letter supporting Felicity Huffman- who played Lynette Scavo on the show- as she awaits her sentence for the college admissions scandal (she’s looking at one month behind bars).

Cherry’s letter mentioned that Huffman and the rest of the cast dealt with a co-star who was difficult to work with, but Huffman was always professional and cordial.

“Everyone tried their darndest to get along with this woman over the course of the show. It was impossible,” Cherry wrote without naming said woman. “And things went from bad to worse. Felicity still insisted on saying, ‘Good morning’ to this actress, even though she knew she wouldn’t get a response. I found out about this and asked Felicity about it. She smiled and said, ‘Just because that woman’s determined to be rude, doesn’t mean she can keep me from being polite.’”

Just recently, Eva Longoria who played Gaby Solis, mentioned that this “rude” actress was bullying her and Huffman would always stick up for her.

The real question is, who is this bully co-star? Given what Cherry wrote, we have more information, which is that it’s a woman. But who could it be?

The contestants are likely Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan. Marcia Cross seemed to be good friends with Longoria, so it’s likely not her. But we’re looking at the rest of that group! For all we know, maybe it was another featured actress.

Maybe she’ll come clean, but for now, the media is focused on what’s next for Huffman and how long she’ll be in prison for- if at all.

Amanda Bynes is on Instagram, & She Has a Septum Ring & Cute Sunglasses [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Amanda Bynes is on social media- and it’s 100 percent her.

On Tuesday, the former actress debuted her 2019 look on Instagram where she looks interesting to say the least.

Her look has definitely changed since 2013 with her creepy wig and erratic behavior- but she’s still keeping it funky.

Septum ring? Yeah, girl!

Nice to see that Bynes is styling it up! Makes sense since she’s been studying fashion at FIDM for several years.

Bynes went off the deep end for a while- in real life and on social media. But it looks like she’s been doing well and off to a decent head start with her photo ways. Only she can go down so far only to still find her true self as a starlet.

Let’s hope that she’s still considering a return to acting. It’s just not the same without our little Ask Ashley who turned into Penelope Taynt and then Marianne in Easy A. Perhaps, she’ll even consider bringing that sweet voice back in another musical after she fabulously pulled off her role in Hairspray.

Miss you, Amanda!

Kristen Stewart Dishes on Robert Pattinson’s Role as Batman, ‘He’s the Only Guy’ [VIDEO]

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Kristen Stewart weighed in on her ex-boyfriend’s big role coming up as the caped crusader- and she sounds pretty stoked.

On Saturday, Variety got some scoop from Stewart who famously dated Pattinson during their time in the Twilight movies. They became overnight sensations before going their separate ways several years ago and moving on to other projects.

It sounds like there is no bad blood between the two at this point because Stewart was supportive or Pattinson playing Batman.

“I feel like he’s the only guy that could play that part,” the actress said about her ex. “I’m so happy for him. It’s crazy. I’m very, very happy about that. I heard that and I was like, ‘Oh man!’ It’s awesome.”

A lot of comments could come with this since it goes into Stewart and Pattinson’s former relationship and as well as Pattinson’s role, which is bound to bring him higher into the spotlight.

The media never got enough of Stewart and Pattinson’s romance even though they haven’t dated in about six years. It’s almost like Ross and Rachel or something.

But it’s great that Stewart is supporting Pattinson as Batman. He isn’t the most ideal Batman, but then again, Stewart wasn’t an ideal Snow White- oh wait…that’s awkward.

Hopefully, Pattinson can bring back some of that superhero spark that so many of us missed as kids.

The Batman hits theaters on June 25, 2021.

Halsey Dishes on Self-Cofidence After Break-Up With G-Eazy: He Was a ‘S-itty Dude’ [VIDEO]

Just like anyone who goes through a break-up, Halsey was feeling pretty down when her split with G-Eazy happened at the end of last year. But there was a dawning moment that made her realize that she couldn’t stay sad forever.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the singer said that she was on Good Morning America not too long after her break-up- and she wasn’t exactly on top of her confidence game until one special moment.

“I’m in a blonde wig and white patent-leather outfit, twirling around while I’m going through a heinous breakup,” Halsey said. “I look down and there are these two girls, one with pink hair, one with blue hair, septum piercings, cool as f-ck, still loving me, probably knowing what a weird time I’m going through. I looked at them, looked at myself in my sparkly Britney Spears outfit, and went, ‘Ohhh no, they deserve better than this.‘”

She added, “If those girls can be that brave in who they are, then I owe them better than this homogenized bulls-it. But hey, if the worst thing that’s happened to me so far is I wore dumb clothes and dated a s-itty dude, I think I’m doing alright.”

It sounds like the two had some major differences if Halsey was willing to go off on her ex that way. But as long as she found her inspiration to stay true to her artistic self, that’s really the important thing.

It’s also incredibly sweet that kids can help celebrities find themselves again.

‘The Masked Singer’ Releases Exciting New Promo, Who Should Appear on Season 2? [VIDEO]

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A group of hidden singers are about to shine on the new season of The Masked Singer and the judges are in tears- who will the singers be?!

A new promo was released that shows all the unknowns in bizarre costumes- including a panda, skeleton, flower, and a…thing. But one thing is for sure, we’re all in for something spectacular.

Nicole Scherzinger will by crying as one of the singers blows her away with a soulful tune. And Jenny McCarthy is just as enthusiastic as ever as she tries to figure out who’s who.

Check out the promo below:

The question is though, which celebrities would we like to see unveiled on the new season? The possibilities are endless since the show dabbles with big names who aren’t necessarily on the A-list (at least not anymore), but popular enough that we still care about them!

Here are some contenders who would be a great fit for the show:

Blake Bortles

Embed from Getty Images

The first season had several football stars so why not add one who became notoriously known for his sports life as well as his former girlfriend Lindsey Duke- who actually became a bigger deal than he did.

Dane Cook

Embed from Getty Images

It’s been a while since we heard from the popular comedian and this would be a fun comeback. Plus, he has a pretty distinct voice that audiences will recognize. Seriously, trying to find out who the masked singer is, is hard!

James Van Der Beek

Embed from Getty Images

He played himself as a has-been in Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23 so he has a sense of humor. And with Dawson no more, 90’s fans would be down for the nostalgia.

Candace Cameron Bure

Embed from Getty Images

She was incredibly enthusiastic about Fuller House years after she made her mark so she’s not the “above it” type. Plus, her appearance on The View shows her ability to rock reality TV.

Oliver Hudson

Embed from Getty Images

Just because we need a celebrity actor who’s the child of other famous parents- thank you, Rumer Willis.

Willa Ford

Embed from Getty Images

The overlooked pop star who needs to show her voice to America again. Justice for Willa!

Jennifer Coolidge

Embed from Getty Images

It’s not her voice that would be as beneficial, but her comedic spark. What would the new season be without the charm of this underrated starlet?

Lindsay Lohan

Embed from Getty Images

The judges guessed Lindsay a few times last season. Maybe they’ll get it right this time. Even though Lindsay is not taken seriously (and she still wouldn’t be if she made an appearance), we could all agree that the girl might still have her sense of humor.

Who do you think should make an appearance on The Masked Singer Season 2? Sound off in the comments!

Nicki Minaj Gives Strong Words of Wisdom to Anyone Who’s Questioning a Relationship [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj is all about positivity and wants all of you know that you deserve the best.

The rapper took to Twitter on Sunday to share that anyone who is in a relationship should know the things that your partner should never do. While some of these may be “obvious,” unfortunately, tips like this still need to be said. After all, toxicity gets covered with rose-colored glasses.

Anyway, here is what Minaj said about a good partner:

This tweet arrived after Minaj posted that people in toxic relationships deserve support, not jokes nor cruelty.

Take it from Minaj- one should never put up with misery for the sake of having a significant other. Love is not enough for a relationship so when it gets bad, most of the time it’s not worth fighting for.

Toxic relationships don’t get better- they get worse. So be like Nicki and offer your support to others who are suffering.

Simone Biles is Thinking ‘Happy Thoughts’ Amid Brother’s Triple Murder Scandal [PHOTO, VIDEO]

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Simone Biles is staying positive in what can only be the most difficult time of her life.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the gymnast’s brother, Tevin Biles-Thomas, was arrested and charged for a murder that left three people dead. The news came as a shock, but Biles looks to be in good spirits based on her latest Instagram photo.

On Sunday, the gold medal winner took to social media to post a photo with two friends where the three girls smile for the camera. The three are in tight shirts and short shorts for the summer weather and appear to be having a nice day.

The photo is captioned, “girls day to drink happy thoughts.”

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girls day to drink happy thoughts👯‍♀️

A post shared by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on

Nothing wrong with happy thoughts…and drinking, right? Especially when you have two friends right there to keep the strength going.

Biles’ boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr. commented on the photo, “Wow! Y’all better slay.”

Biles-Thomas was arrested last Thursday. According to E! News, he was charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter, felonious assault and perjury. He is reportedly being held without bail in the Liberty County, Georgia jail and is set for court on September 13.

The gymnast has stayed quiet about her brother since the news broke out. Given her fame and inspirational charisma, it will probably be while before she comes forward with a statement about this…if ever. We already know what’s happening so a statement isn’t necessary- as long as she has a support team, that’s all that matters.

Fergie & Josh Duhamel Celebrate Son Axl’s Birthday With Adorable PHOTOS

Their marriage didn’t work out, But Fergie and Josh Duhamel love their little boy.

The former couple’s son, Axl Jack, celebrated his 6th birthday today and he seemed to have a great day based on the photos his mom posted on Instagram. The kid celebrated a tropical theme with decorated flowers and straw. Fergie wears an island-themed outfit as she and her son smile for the camera.

Fergie captioned the photos, “Happy 6th Birthday #AxlJack #AxlsIsland.”

Duhamel also wished his boy a happy birthday with sweet father-son pictures. As they hang out outdoors, Duhamel gives his son an embrace as they both smile and look like they’re in complete bliss.

The photos are captioned, “Never a dull moment with this kid. Happy Birthday, Axl Jack!”

Based on the photos, Axl looks like an incredibly happy child. And with parents who love him this much, what’s not to be happy about, right?

Fergie and Duhamel got married in 2009, but announced their split in 2017. The divorce was filed earlier this year.

“With absolute love and respect, we decided to separate as a couple earlier this year,” the former couple said in a joint statement. “To give our family the best opportunity to adjust, we wanted to keep this a private matter before sharing it with the public. We are and will always be united in our support of each other and our family.”