Amanda Bynes is on social media- and it’s 100 percent her.

On Tuesday, the former actress debuted her 2019 look on Instagram where she looks interesting to say the least.

Her look has definitely changed since 2013 with her creepy wig and erratic behavior- but she’s still keeping it funky.

Septum ring? Yeah, girl!

Nice to see that Bynes is styling it up! Makes sense since she’s been studying fashion at FIDM for several years.

Bynes went off the deep end for a while- in real life and on social media. But it looks like she’s been doing well and off to a decent head start with her photo ways. Only she can go down so far only to still find her true self as a starlet.

Let’s hope that she’s still considering a return to acting. It’s just not the same without our little Ask Ashley who turned into Penelope Taynt and then Marianne in Easy A. Perhaps, she’ll even consider bringing that sweet voice back in another musical after she fabulously pulled off her role in Hairspray.

Miss you, Amanda!

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