Just like anyone who goes through a break-up, Halsey was feeling pretty down when her split with G-Eazy happened at the end of last year. But there was a dawning moment that made her realize that she couldn’t stay sad forever.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the singer said that she was on Good Morning America not too long after her break-up- and she wasn’t exactly on top of her confidence game until one special moment.

“I’m in a blonde wig and white patent-leather outfit, twirling around while I’m going through a heinous breakup,” Halsey said. “I look down and there are these two girls, one with pink hair, one with blue hair, septum piercings, cool as f-ck, still loving me, probably knowing what a weird time I’m going through. I looked at them, looked at myself in my sparkly Britney Spears outfit, and went, ‘Ohhh no, they deserve better than this.‘”

She added, “If those girls can be that brave in who they are, then I owe them better than this homogenized bulls-it. But hey, if the worst thing that’s happened to me so far is I wore dumb clothes and dated a s-itty dude, I think I’m doing alright.”

It sounds like the two had some major differences if Halsey was willing to go off on her ex that way. But as long as she found her inspiration to stay true to her artistic self, that’s really the important thing.

It’s also incredibly sweet that kids can help celebrities find themselves again.

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