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Kirsten Dunst- you are superb and incredible. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

The actress made headlines with her recent interview on SiriusXM’s In-Depth With Larry Flick when she talked about her career and how she never felt recognized for her work. And she was pretty open about the fact that she would like to have more credit.

“I know that all you have is your work at the end of the day, and that’s all people really care about, and I’m intelligent enough to know that and have perspective,” she said. “But sometimes you’re like, it’d be nice to be recognized by your peers.”

Dunst pointed out that she hasn’t really been nominated for much except for a Golden Globe nom when she was young (for Interview with the Vampire) and another for Fargo. Beyond that though, she mentioned that some of her work didn’t receive the praise it deserved- until way later.

“Of the things that people like, remember when Marie Antoinette — y’all panned it? And now you all love it. Drop Dead Gorgeous? Panned. Now you all love it,” she said. “I feel like a lot of things I do, people like later.”

Dunst then added that she feels like “nobody” and people remember her just as “the girl from Bring it On.”

Strangely, this interview happened right near the day Dunst received her star on the Walk of Fame. So clearly, she did something right. And it’s much deserved!

But here’s the thing. Dunst is so much more than the girl from Bring it On. Sure, that was one of her most iconic roles- and her acting as the spirited, goofy cheerleader was phenomenal. But she is not “the girl from Bring it On.” She’s Kristen Dunst!

Let’s take a look at some of her other roles that defined her as a real actress:

Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man– in a big-budget superhero flick, Dunst was portraying an iconic comic book character. And Mary Jane wasn’t just Spider-Man’s girlfriend; she wasn’t the “star,” but she was strong and vulnerable, and the image of Mary Jane swinging through the city from a web is powerful and mesmerizing. Trust me, Kirsten, not everyone was there just for Spidey.

Dunst also had a role in the underrated film Crazy/Beautiful where she played a party teen with severe depression. When she meets a guy who comes from poverty, but is on his way to a promising future, the two connect with a blossoming and brave romance. Dunst’s character stays true to her authenticity and tries to do her best despite the obstacles. The scene when she breaks down to her dad on the driveway after a rough night of partying should’ve earned Dunst another Golden Globe nom.

By the way, just look at her character in Crazy/Beautiful and then in Bring it On. Those polar opposites prove that Dunst knows how to act.

There is also her role as Lux from The Virgin Suicides. This was one of Dunst’s most dramatic roles playing a rebellious teen girl who’s having sex at 14 while living with four sisters and two religious parents. Dunst showed that she wasn’t afraid to play the bad girl who was sexually active and cried while bringing her records down the stairs to set them on fire. This was another step away as a goofball in Bring it On. Dunst’s dramatic roles also step away from the innocent roles she played as a child.

Interview with the Vampire– Dunst was beautiful child with her innocent face and golden curls; she looked just like a doll that came to life. And to put her dark features to the test as a vampire was electrifying. Dunst also played Amy in Little Women where she was pure innocence with potential to be the ideal ingenue.

What makes Dunst even more deserving of these credits is that she beat another popular actress for these two roles- Christina Ricci. Oh, and Dunst beat another star for the role in Jumanji– Scarlett Johansson. Dunst snagged a role from the now-big actress Scarlett Johansson and somehow Dunst is still not getting recognition?

There are plenty of other roles where Dunst deserves a ton of credit- Anastasia, Small Soldiers, All I Wanna Do…and Dick! How is it that Dunst doesn’t have 10 giant awards stashed away?!

What makes Dunst so amazing is how she has so many credits in great films and she always, ALWAYS puts her heart into them. Every role that Dunst has played, she gives her best and doesn’t hold back for a second. I can only assume it comes from integrity, care and dedication.

It’s really her spark that makes her wonderful. Whether she’s a dippy cheerleader, a depressed misfit, a superhero’s love interest or an irritated bridesmaid (Bachelorette, anyone?), Dunst is always in it to win it. And that is why I hope she will keep fighting the good fight and win an Oscar.

You are beyond your doubt, Kirsten. And I’m sure the academy will one day stop at nothing to see what you do next.

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