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It sounds like Kristen Stewart’s love life is moving forward.

On Tuesday, E! News reported that the actress is “focused” on her new romance with screenwriter Dylan Meyer, and that they’re “having fun.” While things didn’t work out for Stewart and ex Stella Maxwell, the show of love must go on.

“Kristen is spending time with Dylan and very happy about it. She was seeing Stella for a little bit while it worked, but now she has moved on with Dylan,” a source told the site.

“Kristen isn’t holding back at all and loves being with her,” the source added. “They are moving quickly and always together. ”

But…does this mean Stewart might go back with Maxwell? It definitely seems like a possibility since the two have some history that may or may not repeat.

“It will always be very easy for Kristen to fall back with Stella because they have history and an attraction,” the insider shared. “The chemistry is there and they know each other so well.”

Apparently, Stewart and Maxwell have been on and off quite a few times so you never know.

Let’s just be glad that most of the media has gotten over Stewart getting back together with Robert Pattinson. Remember how many years that lasted?

Stewart will star in the new Charlie’s Angels movie playing Sabina. The film also stars Naomi Scott, Elizabeth Banks and Sam Claflin. It will hit theaters on November 15.

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