Demi Burnett is making an admirable name for herself being in the first same-sex relationship that Bachelor in Paradise has ever seen.

On Monday, E! News shared an interview with the reality star who couldn’t stop gushing over the moment she saw her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty on the beach in the last episode. She said the moment was unexpected and “crazy.”

“I’d never felt something like that in my whole body,” Burnett said. “I thought I was leaving. I was ready to leave, so whenever I saw her, it was just a beautiful moment, and I was really impressed by how they captured it.”

Burnett then revealed that she wanted Haggerty to stay with her on the show although her girlfriend isn’t the biggest fan of being on TV. But she was willing to make Burnett happy. And it sounds like they both have some conflicts coming up in future episodes.

“I honestly just took it as it came at me and processed through it right then and there. And the most important thing that I wanted to focus on was the relationship and the communication that I was having with Kristian, so I had to prioritize that over all the other things going on in my head,” Burnett said.

Since this is the first same-sex couple on the TV show, predictions spell out a happy ending for the sake of audiences rooting for equality. So here’s hoping that any drama these two deal with, it will be solved with love!

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