Oh! My! God! Friends is coming to the movies for three nights this fall and we couldn’t be more excited. After the success of I Love Lucy coming to theaters for Lucille Ball’s birthday on August 6, it sounds like a great idea to bring more classic TV shows to the moves. This gives fans more opportunities to laugh to their favorite moments on television while experiencing the joy with other fans sharing moments together.

The question is though- which episodes are going to air for the Friends celebration?

It was announced that 12 episodes would be shown (which is way more than I Love Lucy!). So which ones will they be? It’s too soon to know, but here are the ones that we can only hope will be shown!

The One With the Blackout

The gang is trapped in the dark during a blackout while Ross is about to confess his love to Rachel. In what was supposed to be a romantic setting, a cat jumps onto Ross and he tries to fight it off while the others are joyfully singing and being totally oblivious to the hysterical attack that’s happening behind them. Wouldn’t it be great to see this moment at the movies with all the other fans who can’t stop chuckling?

The One Where Ross Finds Out

“You’re over me? When were you…under me?” This episode had some great dialogue, but it was the moment at the end when Ross kisses Rachel in one of the most passionate moments of the series. It would be great to see this scene with everyone in the theater applauding and cheering all around.

The One With the Prom Video

Another big Ross and Rachel episode that ought to end with more cheers. “See? He’s her lobster!”

The One With the Giant Poking Device

Not even Chandler and Janice’s break-up scene could make this episode less funny! When the gang thinks that Ugly Naked Guy is dead, they create a poking stick to see if he’ll move only to find out he’s fine….”and yet, we’re still poking him…”

The One With the Football

The trophy in the form of a troll, the Dutch girl, Phoebe flashing Chandler and Rachel’s epic catch would be nothing short of perfect. “Cheater Cheater Compulsive Eater!”

The One With Phoebe’s Uterus

Only because of one number that gets said numerous times.

The One With the Embryos

Surprisingly, this episode is not called The One With the Trivia Game. Phoebe’s time at the clinic is pretty bland compared to the epic game the others play in a bet to win the girls’ apartment. “He’s a transpons-transponster!”

The One With All the Thanksgivings

The holiday that made a majority of the friends’ greatest memories is what made the show so special. And it all comes down to the time Monica accidentally cut off Chandler’s toe and then stuffing the turkey on her head causing Chandler to say “I love you.”

The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Everyone has officially found out about Chandler and Monica’s romance (Ross actually doesn’t find out till the very end of the episode). When Phoebe tries to mess with Chandler by pretending she’s interested in him, the game of Who Can Break Who the Fastest becomes one iconic journey the series has ever given us.

The One With the Routine

Ross and Monica’s ridiculously fun dance routine on New Year’s Eve is something that every Friends fan should witness on the big screen. “Trouble With Boys” will always be associated with our favorite brother-sister performance.

The One With Unagi

“Ahh…salmon skin roll.” Ross and his fascination to spread awareness to Phoebe and Rachel after they take a self-defense class is so bizarre. And it gets more hilarious as the three of them play cat-and-mouse.

The Last One

It may be one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the series, but it’s what concludes the show we will know and love forever. Throughout the laughter, we can smile through our tears as we get a glimpse of the apartment one last time.

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