Ireland Baldwin is pure hotness in her latest Instagram pic.

On Tuesday, the model took to her social media page to post a sultry new image in her exotic corset. She looks at the camera with her piercing eyes and smokey eyeshadow as her chest is exposed for all those leering eyes.

With those full lips, wave locks and detailed tattoos, it really is no wonder that this girl is a hit online.

It also helps that Baldwin is feeling like one of the most unique and iconic characters in film.

“Corsets make me feel like Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley in Pirates [of the Caribbean]),” the caption says. “But more if like…she got a job at Hooters or something.”

Check out the photo here.

Baldwin is always about looking good for the camera and body positivity. Earlier this month, she posted a topless picture with encouraging comments about loving every inch of yourself.

“yoooo!!! love your body. respect your body. stop spending your money on juul pods,” Baldwin wrote in the caption. “spend it on vitamins and veggies. get your titties checked. get active. get vitamin d. breathe fresh air. be happy. laugh it all off. spend your remaining time on this earth with people who love you and make you feel good and if you don’t have many of those people, get out and go look for them. some of y’all are taking this whole life thing so damn seriously… and it’s so not worth it.

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