Harry Styles in talks to play Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid live-action…really?

The Little Mermaid is one of the most iconic and beautiful stories of our time. Sure, it’s problematic, but it’s still a magical Disney film with breathtaking music, gorgeous scenery and some of the most beautiful characters in cinema.

When it was announced that Halle Bailey was to star as Ariel, the Internet was all for it (actually, a lot of them weren’t, but that’s an entirely different story to tell). Bailey can sing, has Disney-esque features and shows lovely mermaid charisma.

Styles, on the other hand, has zero prince charisma. His long hair, weird face and discomforting smile possess the qualities of that emo misfit from high school who thought he was all “above it” even though his parents paid for those ripped jeans.

Here’s another thing- Styles can sing for a boy band and the public loves him. But to play the the romantic hero who sweeps the princess off her feet (literally with Ariel) is just not where his energy lies. Even though the One Direction members went their separate ways, Styles stayed pretty relevant because everyone is so in love with him…despite the fact that every other member of that band is far better looking and charming than him. Seriously, they couldn’t get Zayn for the role?

For 2019 standards, Prince Eric is a dud. But for Disney standards, he’s lovable, handsome and ravishing. A classy young man with a gorgeous face, pearly white teeth, suave hair and sings like an angel is what this character is known for. Not a grungy beatnik with a horrible hair-cut who can only look like a fake Prince Charming to girls under 13.

Come on, Zayn, it’s not too late!

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