Hilary Duff may be one of the most relatable celebrities in Hollywood. She opened up on what it’s like to be a parent as well as her biggest strength since having two children.

The actress is a mom to her son, Luca, 7, and her daughter, Banks, eight months. And on Thursday, she opened up to the podcast Motherly on what it was like to be a parent at 24. She also talked about how her son felt when Banks was born as well as how her boyfriend Matthew Koma refers to her as “Superwoman.”

“I think it’s because your brain is making categories and then putting them in levels of importance- even though it’s all important- and it’s like, ‘packing the snack and the water bottle, and making sure the homework’s in the thing and going over the words for the test in the car while you’re also going over the song that they have to perform in a month and you’ve packed the diaper bag and you have the baby.’ It’s like the constant juggle of everything. And then on top of it trying to make it fun and enjoy the process.”

Every parent has gone through the hardships and levels of importance, and Hilary is right there with all of you. It’s difficult and tiring, but the science of the mind will help you process it all.

Duff had her first child at a fairly young age, which she admitted was pretty frightening. Even though she didn’t feel ready, she knew it was something she always wanted to do.

“I always knew I wanted to be a mom and I always knew that was going to be my number one priority in life,” she said. “So I felt ready on some fronts and a little scared on others.”

Duff also mentioned that Luca cried when she told him she was pregnant with his little sister. But once she was born, he was so excited and so careful. He even left the room to cough.

Given her Instagram page, she seems to can’t get enough of being a mom.

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