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Cameron Diaz has been out of the movie spotlight for quite some time now, but her married life is going just swimmingly.

On Friday, E! News mentioned that the actress was spotted with her husband, Benji Madden, at Sugarfish in Beverly Hills. They were seen walking together holding hands and appeared to be in positive spirits.

The two also apparently looked incredibly happy inside the restaurant. A source told the site that the couple’s date night was “very intimate.”

“They arrived around 8 p.m. looking just in love as ever,” the source added. “They held hands, cuddled and laughed with each other. As they were seated, Cameron rested her head on Benji’s shoulder. They sat at a table or two, facing each other, and were immersed in their own conversation. They were served their sushi and had a nice time just being together and eating great food. They were there for about an hour and when they left, they held hands again as they walked back to their car.”

It’s been four years since they got married and it’s great that they still have chemistry like this. Who needs to star in a movie when you can rest on your lover’s shoulder in a sushi restaurant?

Considering that Diaz hasn’t been in a film since Annie in 2014- and used the word “retired” while talking about her career last year- it sounds like the most news we’ll get from the actress will involve her love life.

So far, retirement looks good on her, right?

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