Olivia Culpo is getting real on Instagram about what it’s like to be depressed. And it’s an incredible post.

On Thursday, the model posted two photos of herself side by side, one photo that was taken recently and the other from a few months ago. When that second photo was taken, Culpo was facing some hard battles with her mental health. And, unfortunately, it took a toll on her physical health as well.

“I was depressed. I had no appetite, was drinking way too much, smoking, couldn’t sleep, and couldn’t eat,” she wrote. “But I was still taking photos on social media and pretending everything was great.”

With her hardships, Culpo wanted to give her fans the message that it’s okay not to be okay. People have a habit of sharing their best selves on social media, but this can be misleading with what we are actually going through.

“I want to emphasize what we already know: Instagram is everyone’s best versions of themselves and their lives. It can trick us into thinking everything is perfect in other’s worlds. Which is NOT true,” the model said. “We are all more alike than we think, navigating life with similar ups and downs; good times and bad. We never really know what someone is going through, so it’s unfair to judge/compare.”

As a model, Culpo can understand the need to always look beautiful and filled with sparkles. But no one is always feeling their best despite what we might see on Instagram. And Culpo wants her followers to know this.

“No filter is going to take away from the normal ups and downs of life that we all have,” she wrote. “Our imperfections/hardships make us all perfectly relatable, taking this journey through life together. I think the more we understand how connected that makes all of us, the easier and more rewarding this life journey can be.”

Thank you, Olivia.

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