It was a hot 4th of July when Ireland Baldwin celebrated in Los Angeles.

On Friday, Daily Mail posted photos of the model as she attended a party with her boyfriend, Corey Harper. The two looked like they were having a great day as Baldwin wore a green bikini top with denim shorts. She added on a pair of cowgirl boots and pulled her hair back looking like the stunner she always is.

Baldwin also posted a photo on Instagram of herself celebrating the big day as she chugs down a drink while on her knees.

As the daughter of two big stars, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Ireland told Genlux Magazine back in 2015 that she always knew her parents were famous.

“I was pretty well aware of their celebrity from the jump,” she said. “The day I was born, my dad got arrested because he sprayed a photographer’s windshield. True story: I was about 10 and sitting with my friend and we watched 9 1/2 Weeks. And I saw my mother in 8 Mile when I was young. I always looked at it as art. I knew from a very early age that they were famous.”

Having famous parents had some disadvantages particularly with their ugly split.

“I was living in New York and my mom moved me back to L.A. My dad stayed in New York,” Ireland said. “My parents had a long custody battle over me. It was a bloody divorce. I don’t believe any child should have to speak to lawyers and deal with that.”

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