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No matter where Paris goes, beauty always follows.

The celeb took to her Instagram page on the 4th of July to post how she’s celebrating the big holiday. She started with an image of herself in black attire as she leans down in front of the American flag. As she looks at the camera with her dreamy eyes, her blonde ‘do is just as gorgeous as ever as the sparks light up behind her.

She added another image of herself as she sits by a pool. With more sparkles lighting up the background, she let her fans know that she’s in Ibiza shooting her new single “Lone Wolves.”

Paris didn’t stop there! She added another picture with angel wings added to her pose, looking like a true icon. She captioned the image, “Love the villa I’m staying at in #Ibiza. Dolce Vita is the perfect place to relax, have fun & look hot in a music video. Available on @romanfortunato.business.”

Last month, Paris spoke to Byrdie about her standards of beauty and how she looked up to her grandmother who was a glamour to her.

“I think, as a little girl, watching her had me fascinated with beauty, makeup and glamour,” she said. “My parents were really strict when I was a teenager, I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup. The first time I even applied eyeliner was at Nicole Richie’s house. She said she knew this great trick-she took a liner from her mom’s closet and applied mascara and a cat eye. After that day, my life changed.”

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