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When celebrity drama happens, it’s always a little juicier when another celebrity is involved.

In a video obtained from The Blast on Tuesday, there is some footage that seemingly shows Amber Heard and James Franco in an elevator together just 24 hours after Heard allegedly had a fight with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

In the video, the woman who is supposed to be Heard, can be seen walking into the elevator and going to the main floor. She gets out and then walks back in with someone who sure looks a lot like Franco- at least from the back.

As they go upwards, Franco rests his head towards Amber as she rests on him and looks pretty comfortable- again, just from watching the back.

It’s likely that Franco was just being a good friend to Heard since, after all, she apparently just had something horrible happen with her husband. But did Heard and Franco have a secret relationship that no one else knew about?

Well, at this point, it’s hard to say what Franco could be thinking since he’s going to be a witness in Depp’s defamation case against Heard, according to Canoe. Even though the video was from May 2016, Depp’s legal team is going to question what went down (kind of literally) in that elevator. Some of the questions will likely include if Heard told him about the fight and if he saw any bruises when he was with her.

Whatever goes down, it doesn’t look like anything kind-hearted will come out of this case. It’s set for February 2020 and who knows what else we’ll discover along the way.

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