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Did this generation’s musical sweetheart cause some damage in Camila Cabello’s love life?

On Wednesday, Hollywood Life pointed out how there was some suspicion that Shawn Mendes may have played a role in Cabello’s break-up with Matthew Hussey. Considering that Cabello and Mendes got pretty steamy in their video duet of “Senorita,” this was raising some questions. Not to mention, since Mendes is one of the music industry’s “nice guys,” it would make quite an intriguing story if there was a homewrecker vibe happening.

But thankfully, no one has to worry because a source said that Mendes had nothing to do with Cabello’s split.

“As much as so many of their fans would probably love for it to be the case, Shawn was in no way a catalyst in Camila’s break-up with Matthew, but are they using the news to take their advantage with their new song dropping? Absolutely!” the source told the site.

Nothing wrong with letting a little gossip get the word out of their new music, right?

As far as the split between Cabello and Hussey goes, while break-ups are always heartbreaking, it sounds like it was for the best.

“Camila and Matthew broke up amicably about three weeks ago and will not be shedding any vile words against each other,” the source said. “She is mainly focused on her career and he wanted to settle down a little more and they couldn’t meet in the middle. There was no huge fight or anything scandalous, it just didn’t work out.”

If all this is true, then the “Havana” singer did herself right by moving forward. Probably a good idea to not settle at 22, especially with a promising career ahead of her.

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