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Love is love to Willow Smith.

The singer and co-host of Red Table Talk spoke with a “throuple”- a three-way couple- in one of the latest episodes where the topic of polyamory came up.

While the throuple had plenty to say about themselves, including how they work together to not share any jealousy, Smith mentioned that she wasn’t too opposed to trying out two dating partners at the same time if the opportunity came up.

“I love men and women equally and so I would definitely want one man, one woman,” she said. “I feel like I could be polyfidelitous with those two people.”

Smith added that she’s not focused on finding new sexual experiences, but rather sharing a bond with others regardless of gender.

“I focus a lot on the emotional connection and I feel like if I were to find two people of the different genders that I really connected with and we had a romantic and sexual connection, I don’t feel like I would feel the need to try to go find more.”

It sounds like the 18-year-old’s parents, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, raised their kids splendidly. The fact that their daughter is comfortable opening up about herself (in front of her mother, nonetheless) shows a lot of maturity and integrity in a society that still tries to shut these topics down.

The couple’s son, Jaden, has also expresses himself in an open-minded way by dressing in non-gender binary fashion.

You keep doing you, kids!

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