There’s just no stopping these two when it comes to sweet affection!

Ryan Reynolds is currently in Boston filming his new movie Free Guy when he got a nice visit from his wife, Blake Lively. The actress stopped by the set over the weekend to visit her husband and took a moment to look adorable for the camera.

The couple stands outside as Reynolds wraps his arms around his wife who buries her head in his chest. The two look as happy as ever and we don’t want anything less of that.

Free Guy is about a bank teller who discovers he’s an NPC inside a video game. The film is expected to hit theaters on July 3, 2020.

Lively and Reynolds have two kids together and are expecting their third. In an interview with InStyle last April, the actress dished on how her fashion choices have changed since becoming a parent.

“I think it’s changed more as I’ve gotten older,” Lively said. “There are lots of cute little baby-doll dresses in my closet from my early 20’s that I know I’m not going to wear again because I’m not in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. I really need to adopt the Marie Kondo method, but I haven’t yet because everything in my closet still sparks joy.”

Lively has a film coming out this year called The Rhythm Section, about a woman who seeks revenge after her family was set up to die in a plane crash. The film hits theaters on November 22.

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