Sorry guys, but this superhero romance only exists on the screen.

On Thursday, Elle released an interview with Spider-Man: Far From Home actor Tom Holland when he revealed that he is in fact not dating his co-star Zendaya.

He mentioned that he’s not in a relationship right now although he is “definitely a relationship person.”

The actor did have nice things to say about Zendaya though, including how impressed he was by her stunt coordination. When she was filming her role as a trapeze artist in The Greatest Showman, she invited Holland to come watch her on set. She was balancing on top of a pole when Holland was blown away by her technique.

“I remember thinking, ‘There’s no way she’s going to jump off that. It’s like 60 feet,'” he said about Zendaya. “And then she jumped.”

Fans were likely rooting for these two to date since their movie characters have had a romance since they appeared in the comic strips. But right now these two young stars are just good pals who support each other as daredevils.

Holland has been a busy man with a number of films coming out within the next year. One of them is The Devil All the Time, a film about the end of World War II. This film is giving the actor a whole different perspective on what he’s normally used to.

“I’m finding it challenging because I’m not sharing the screen with a big 80-foot water monster,” Holland said. “It’s just me and Sebastian Stan sitting there having an intellectual conversation. For me, the green or blue screen is like a safety blanket because I know I’m not going to be the biggest thing onscreen.”

The Devil All the Time is expected to hit theaters in 2020. Spider-Man: Far From Home will be released on July 2.

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